Booth Moves – Tongue Tied

The tongue. It sits there in the warm little home of our mouths. Happily carrying on doing it’s bodily duties day after day. It’s so good at it’s job that we sometimes forget it’s even there.

As a photo booth prop, the tongue is a brilliant accessory. As no two tongues are the same, it makes for a completely unique picture. However, there are some tips and tricks that we’ve listed below that may help improve your tongue protruding pictures inside the Funky Photo Booth.

Tips and Tricks for Tongue Tied Photos


  • Warm-up and stretch your tongue prior to going in the photo booth
  • Experiment with different tongue shapes that you can create
  • Remember to cover up any tooth fillings you may have
  • Touch your nose with your tongue if you can


  • Dribble – this is poor photo booth form
  • Lick people – again, poor photo booth etiquette
  • Protrude a tongue after eating Black Jacks or slurping WKD

So there it is, everything you need to know about being Tongue Tied in your Funky Photo Booth poses.

This is a booth move that isn’t practised often enough and is so easy to master. But like any booth move, you should limit how many times you include this pose in your portfolio.

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