Booth Moves – Going Solo

Going Solo is a booth move that is seriously difficult to pull off well. We would only recommend it to the most hardened and experienced photo boothers out there.

Imagine this, the party is rocking, guests are coming out of the photo booth in fits of giggles and tears of laughter. Groups of friends slowly go back to the party looking at their prints with huge smiles across their faces. You want a slice of that action and you want to leave photo in the guest book. It all looks so much fun. Off you trot to the photo booth, casually slipping through the curtain and taking a seat. Not thinking of the consequences of what can happen next.

Boom! Suddenly it dawns on you. It’s just you, on your own. Face to face with a camera. The panic kicks in straight away. Do I grab props? What booth moves do I pull? Should I just sit and smile? Will that look dorky? Oh my god, I’m at a party full of people and having my photo taken on my own. I’m going to look like ‘Billy No Mates’.

These are just some of the thoughts that can go through your mind. It’s not a good feeling. And amidst all of that panic and thinking, the photo booth starts to count down on the screen. The pressure is mounting, fear takes a grip and before you know it, you’re a rabbit in front of a camera’s flash light.

First off, if the panic kicks in, then simply step out of the booth. Secondly, don’t be afraid to ask our Booth Butler to join you in the booth. We love to share a selfie with guests. Lastly, take a look at our tips below to get the best of Going Solo in the Funky Photo Booth.

How to smash it when Going Solo in the Funky Photo Booth

  • Be prepared. Plan your poses then pick your props accordingly
  • Be aware that when you’re in the booth on your own, 30-seconds feels like 5-minutes
  • Be confident. Own the camera. Make the picture yours.
  • Think about personalising the picture. A hand written message or a secret sign for the Bride or Groom can work well

So there you have it, what to expect and what to do if you’re feeling brave enough to Go Solo in the Funky Photo Booth. 

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